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God Speaks Through Matt Damon

on September 17, 2012


God thinks and acts outside the proverbial box.  He always has.  That, among a trillion other things, makes Him God.

But sometimes I forget He wants to speak to my heart at all.

I forget He cares deeply about what I care deeply about.  And that He speaks in different ways.  Then He does, and I am blown away.  AGAIN.

Last Christmas break I took the kids to see, “We Bought a Zoo,” starring Matt Damon, and Scarlett Johannsen.  The kids really wanted to see the movie. So I relented and off we went in search of buttery popcorn and good seats.  We got there early so they did not miss anything.

I liked the movie, (and I even just ordered it), and some of the dramatic moments between the widowed father (Matt Damon) and his motherless, grieving son.  The kids were disappointed in that there were not enough animals to see, not enough action, lots of “boring” dialogue.  I was disappointed in Matt Damon’s hair, but that’s about it.

I love quotes and there was one in the movie that I particularly loved.  Matt Damon’s character, Benjamin Mee, was giving his young son some good advice:

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.  Just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery.  And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

Right then in the Palos Verdes movie theater we frequent, I felt THAT FEELING.  From God.  Like He was saying that quote to me, for me, loud and clear, undeniably.

How do I explain that?

It comes from a deep inside place of knowing, something I have experienced time and again.   I know I sound like a crazy church lady.  But I am willing to take that risk right now.  I know that the Bible is clearly His main vehicle of communicating to us, but He also uses people, and circumstances and messages at church, and conversations with wise people, and well, Matt Damon.

Lets get back to that quote, and the moments after I heard it.

RIGHT AFTER Matt Damon said it, I heard, “Start your blog.”  And in the “20 seconds” following that I declared silently, “YES, I WILL.”   God was encouraging me to be brave enough, get some guts, and pursue my lifelong dream of being a WRITER.  A really wise and soulful writer who will hopefully touch and inspire others forward in their lives.  So….I committed to it, with courage, right then and there.

That night I told Chris that I was going to start my blog in 2012.  That I was going to dedicate Monday mornings weekly to write, research, read others’ blogs, and study the business of blogging.  (Who invented that word anyway?)  Chris is my biggest fan and supporter, and always comes alongside my dreams, whispering confidence and love into my perfectionist, fearful self.

God speaks through my husband, too.  And Chris is a LOT cuter than Matt Damon.


13 responses to “God Speaks Through Matt Damon

  1. Lisa says:

    Jess, I totally agree with you that God speaks to us in many ways. I saw the movie and was also moved by that line….even though I haven’t been moved to take any action like you were! Good for you that you listened and acted. I enjoy reading your blog, and agree; Chris is cuter : )

  2. Thank you, LIsa! I wish I had a more daily openness & expectancy to receive from Him, not be so full of my own busy-ness and therefore miss out! xoxo

  3. Liz says:

    And we are grateful that Matt ( God) spoke to you that day! Our lives are richer for it so keep going girl… Keep having those 20 seconds of insane courage and embarrassing bravery!

  4. Kylie says:

    Please just keep writing and writing! You have so much to give through your beautiful work that you use with words, Jessica your writing is like a painting, that’s how clear it is! Keep up your inspiring blogs!!

  5. Thanks Liz!! I am grateful too, and for friends like you, who GOD speaks through to keep me writing!

  6. Marisa Marshall says:

    So glad God’s face brilliantly appeared through Matt Damon’s that day!! 🙂 You are wonderful and I love reading all your amazing works…..Love you, sweet friend! xxxxx

  7. Gina Loftis says:

    I just saw that movie last month and that is THE line that stood out for me…not just from this movie, but the line that stood out in a ‘bevy’ of movies. I wrote it down and posted it in my medicine cabinet…hoping to not only remember it for myself, but to share it with my kids when they need it as well. Thanks for blogging, Jess!

  8. Hi Gina,

    Dont you just LOVE quotes that STAY with you and urge you, encourage you, and serve as a catalyst for growth?? Thx for reading my blog! XO

  9. Nicki says:

    love this! I’m so glad you started writing too!

  10. Fryda says:

    Wow… you won’t even believe how much this means in my life right now…. 🙂

  11. JimmyMackey says:

    Out of all the moments in the movie, I never really found that quote encouraging until right now. I have to admit, I scanned the comments first, then read the quote, then the rest of the blog. I realized that my fear stops me from achieving many things in life that it doesn’t have to. Now, I’m VERY encouraged! My dish coworker rented the movie on his Blockbuster @Home account and I thought it would be a chick flick, but surprisingly, it was perfect for helping me think about the relationship with my son and me. He was saying how setting up a queue is better than figuring out if the Redbox has something he wants, when his queue can always be full of movies he knows he would like.

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