She Runs A Good Race

mothering is a marathon

The Million Definitions of a Mom


Inhaler of newborn smells

Sherpa of diaper bags, binkys, and strollers

Sleep expert

Milk factory

Baby food maker

Bottle cleaner

Soother of colicky babies

Toileting trainer

Rewarder of potty-ing performances

Hand holder

Safety monitor

Assembler of all toys and kid gadgets


Mama Bear Advocate

Kisser of boo-boos

Bandaid opener

Tooth-flosser and dirty foot scrubber


Protector of feelings

Stuffer of tissue up the bloody nose

Nose-blowing expert





Surprise giver

Repairer of broken hearts


Sock seeker

Laundry guru

Grocery shopper

Chef and nutritionist

Inventor of breakfast-for-dinner

Veggie Enforcer


Closer of all doors, cabinets, drawers & closets

Chair pusher-in-er

Fridge monitor

Jar opener

De-cluttering professional

Organizer of cupboards

Holder of scissors, glue, & scotch tape

Light bulb and battery changer

One who can make grilled-cheese with eyes shut

Chore chart creator

Iron-on goddess of Girl Scout patches

Crusty pee scraper

Cleaner-upper of all things for that matter

And the poo-on-the-shoe-wiper


Fashion Stylist


Maker of pony-tails, buns & braids



Terrific taxi driver

Minivan lover

Errand runner

Underwear buyer

Behavior Specialist

Referee of siblings

Volunteer extraordinaire



Teacher & tutor


Allowance giver

Time Police

Chore Police

Bedtime Nazi

Lice Picker

Appointment keeper



Project goddess

Homework specialist

Grammar Gestapo

Nagger to messy children

Road trip treasure box holder


Bubble bath starter

Bath toy scrubber

Back scratcher

Finder of all lost stuffed animals and blankees

Bedtime story teller


Cozy bed creator



The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny

Valentine designer

Leprachaun trap maker

Jack-o-lantern carver

Creator of holiday and family traditions

Gift giver

Present wrapper

Birthday party thrower


Entertainment Coordinator

Dance Party maker


One who sets the household tone

Unconditional lover


Grace giver

Prayer warrior

Teacher of right and wrong

Sex talk expert

Music, tv, video game, & internet censor

Heart and soul giver

Innocence and purity protector

Smile distributor

Displayer of gratitude & thankfulness

Imparter of faith and belief system

Damage control of disappointments

Holder of secrets, stories, and 1st crushes


Lover of crazy, loud children

Lover of annoying children

Lover of smelly children

Lover of sleeping angelic children

Lover of bed-headed kids and morning breath

Lover of chaos

Lover of sweet moments and blissfully silent car rides

Lover of teaching moments & teachable children

Lover of the words, not often heard, “You are the BEST mommy in the whole world.”