She Runs A Good Race

mothering is a marathon

A Mama’s Gotta Dream

“ No matter our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.”

–Dale Turner

If I were to sit down with you, fellow mama, with a cup of coffee in a cozy café, and ask you, “What is your calling—what would you say to me???

What do you feel your PURPOSE in life is?

What are you passionate about?  What makes you feel alive?

What are your dreams, that you may have buried long ago when diapers and infant seats entered your world?

Do you dare to ask yourself these questions?  EVER?  And why not?

Do you have trouble answering them? For what reason?

I don’t mean this to be an interrogation, no, not really.  I am firing these questions at you because I fear that mothers do not give themselves permission to dream dreams; to prayerfully fantasize of things they’d love to do outside their roles as wife and mother.  Notice I said ROLES, not calling.

I have always hungered for more than my wife & mother roles gave me.   I have friends and family who are D-E-V-O-T-E-D wives to their husbands and uber-moms to their children. I’m in awe, and frankly feel guilty that I may not be in love with my mom hat some days, as I see, or perceive rather, in others.  I feel guilty about the tugging’s and the passions that take time and energy away from family.  And then I remember, oh, yes, this was how I was created.  These are God-given desires and dreams.  It’s certainly up to me to keep my priorities in line, and keep family first.  But first does not mean ONLY.

While I encourage you to ask yourself these questions mentioned above, I recognize that stage of life and ages of children (or aging parents), and full-time jobs are real factors.  I have always loved words and wanted to pursue writing.  Now that my 3 kids are in school 8:30 to 3 pm, five days a week, I finally committed to it as a regular discipline and habit. Its wayyyy easier to find the time.

I realize that when you are in the pregnant-breastfeeding-baby-toddler-pre-school phase, ESPECIALLY when there is more than one cutie pie involved, is probably not the time to pick up your dreams and GO BIG.  (But who am I to put you in a box?)

I do believe there is a time coming though, mamacitas, when you MUST ask yourself, you must answer, and you must make a bold statement to yourself, to God, to your husband, your best friends…

“I AM  ________________________” (you fill in the blank)

  • A writer
  • An artist
  • A photographer
  • An entrepreneur
  • An encourager to moms
  • A mentor
  • A marathon runner
  • A designer
  • An adventure lover
  • A chef
  • A traveller
  • A baker
  • A nurse
  • A gift-giver/philanthropist
  • A prayer-warrior for others
  • A coach
  • A personal trainer
  • An inspirational speaker
  • A gatherer of women/mothers/girlfriends
  • A teacher

A mama’s gotta dream.  Someday.  I hope it’s soon for you.  I hope you will give yourself permission to ask, answer, and well in the good words of NIKE, ‘just do it.”

There is beauty waiting to be born in you…so that others may be richly blessed by it.