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For Their Father

IMG_9072I hear some women snippily say, “My husband is not MY father, why do I need to celebrate him?”  And despite that I can be selfish and snarky (once a year), I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with women who say this.  

Chris is the father of my children, our children.  Therefore I will celebrate him today for being the amazing father that he is to Luke, Ryan, and Kate. And if this post today is just too sappy and sweet for you, you can wait for my next one.  I’m sure the humor and edge will creep back in.   Besides this one is for CHRIS, who truly blesses our family with his love, dedication, and uber-patience.

Here are some of the many reasons I am extremely thankful that my kids have their dad:

  • He loves being a dad.
  • He prays for our family.
  • He works hard and exemplifies a strong work ethic.
  • He has a rich faith and shares it with our kids.
  • He makes regular one-on-one special dates with them.
  • He sets up backyard camping.
  • He sets up treasure hunts.
  • He reads parenting books.
  • He is cool, but not TOO cool that he can’t go to amusement parks with our kids (even without me).
  • He ensures we make it to Family Camp at Forest Home each year.
  • He is affectionate and playful.
  • He is hands-on and involved despite his stress and his demanding profession.
  • He loves me and tells me in front of the kids.
  • He found Ryan’s diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome online and pressed for testing.
  • He has attended all of Ryan’s IEP’s, critical meetings & doctor appointments.
  • He doles out praise and compliments.
  • He is not lazy.
  • He is not a chauvenist.
  • Even at bedtime-ish hours he is game for lighting up the fire-pit and making smores (I, on the other hand, not so much…).
  • He is the FUN ONE and makes memories happen.
  • He is the reason my kids see the snow and know how to ski.
  • He takes daddy-breaks (probably not enough).
  • He is not perfect, even though this post makes him sound so perfect, and he admits mistakes to the kids and me.

Happy Father’s Day, Chris!!  I am blessed beyond measure to have YOU be the dad to our children.  I love you and am eternally grateful for your support and partnership in this joyful and maddening journey of parenthood.